Prof. Dr. Anna Pampulova

In 1993 graduated from the State Choreographic School school with “classical ballet” and parallel Experimental theater class 4xC to the 22nd high school majoring in acting, Sofia.

She has been a professional ballerina in the troupe of the Sofia Opera and Ballet for eighteen years guest soloist in Ballet Arabesque. Master’s degree in “Ballet Directing”, NBU. He specializes contemporary dance techniques in Vienna – Dance Web Vienna. Participant in a row international contemporary dance sessions.
Anna Pampulova is the author of numerous dance performances, as well as the choreographer of a number of theater and opera projects in the following theaters: Sofia Opera and Ballet, State Opera Plovdiv, State Opera Stara Zagora, State Opera Burgas, Varna State Opera, Ivan Vazov National Theater, Sofia Theater, etc.
Anna Pampulova is associate professor of Music and Dance Art at Nov Bulgarian university, where he is a teacher and program director of a department “Theatre”, member of the academic council at the New Bulgarian University, member of the council to the Bachelor’s Faculty-NBU. Member of expert groups on accreditations of higher education institutions, chairman of the committee for Music and Dance Actors for the “Crystalna” award lira” – section “ballet art”. Member of National Commissions to National cultural fund in the field of art.

As a ballerina, actress and choreographer, she shot in the cinema for Bulgarian and international productions, commercial videos and short films. She teaches Classical Dance lectures for contemporary dancers and actors, Dance Practice and Repertoire, Classical Dance for Contemporary Dancers and Actors, Movement and Sound, Movement Development, Human Body Culture and Behavior, Body language, etc.

Honored with a number of National and International awards for contemporary choreography and creative team credits:

– Rikar Moragas – Barcelona,

– Several consecutive awards for contemporary choreography from the International Varna Ballet Competition and Anastas Petrov National Ballet Competition;

– 2007 won a special award at the International Choreography Competition “Margarita Arnaudova”;

– Bulgarian award for contribution to theater art “Asker” 2016;

– “Icarus” National Award for the performance “Anna Karenina”;

– “Forum Bulgarian Fashion” – was awarded for special contribution in the field of Bulgarian fashion, for choreography and performance;

– “Academy of Arts”, Paris 2000, “Young Talents” section, for the role of Alice – Sofia Opera and Ballet;

– Award of the Municipality of Plovdiv for the performance “Alice’s World”, director and choreographer, 2019;

-“Crystal Lira” National Award in the “Staging Team” category – choreographer, for the performance “Fiddler on the Roof” 2021, State Music and Ballet Center;

– Nomination “Icarus” 2022, SAB, for the performance “Bombetto” – choreographer, State Puppet Theater Plovdiv;

– National award, the Grand Award of the city of Varna for special creative achievements for the creative team for the play “The Lion King”, choreographer, Varna State Opera

– Nomination “Crystal Lyre” 2022, Music and dance actors, for the opera performance “The Queen of Spades”, choreographer, Varna State Opera