Италиански хореограф, сред най-известните и ценени в Италия и в чужбина, гост на различни компании с международен престиж. През 1995 г. той основава "Balletto del Sud", днес считана за една от най-добрите италиански авторски компании. Създава за компанията, която ръководи, хореографии на 45 представления, както и за "Болшой" театър в Москва, за Teatro dell'Opera в Рим (6 различни постановки по покана на Карла Фрачи), за Софийската опера и балет, за Операта на Монтекарло, Билбао, Тирана, Магдебург и за различни събития на Rai Uno като танците на Новогодишния концерт за 2004 г., излъчен от Театро Ла Фениче във Венеция в Евровизия и за други национални телевизионни оператори. Той поставя и танците за оперни продукции направени във Франция, Испания, Русия и много в Италия, сред които помним тези в R.O.F на Пезаро, в Баните на Каракала (Аида), в Театро Лирико в Каляри, в Белини в Катания, в Petruzzelli в Бари и много други. По негови хореографии танцуват Карла Фрачи, Линдзи Кемп, Владимир Василиев. През тези години той продължава дейността си като директор на Balletto del Sud и като гост-хореограф.

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Italian choreographer among the best known and appreciated in Italy and abroad, guest of various companies of international prestige, in 1995 he founded the “Balletto del Sud” today considered one of the best Italian auteur companies. He creates, for the company he directs, a repertoire of 45 shows, and also for the “Bolshoi” Theater in Moscow, for the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome (6 different productions by invitation of Carla Fracci), for the Teatro dell’Opera of Sofia, for the Opera of Montecarlo, Bilbao, Tirana, Magdeburg and for various Rai Uno events such as the dances of the 2004 New Year’s Concert broadcast by the Teatro La Fenice in Venice in Eurovision and for other national broadcasters. He takes care of the opera dances of productions made in France, Spain, Russia and numerous in Italy among these we remember those at the R.O.F of Pesaro, at the Baths of Caracalla (Aida), at the Teatro Lirico in Cagliari, at the Bellini in Catania, at the Petruzzelli in Bari and many others. Carla Fracci, Lindsay Kemp, Vladimir Vassiliev dance with choreographies by him. During these years he continued his activity as director of the Balletto del Sud and as guest choreographer.

BIOGRAPHY in Sofia Opera

Choreographer and director of “Carmina Burana”

After a period of training and professional experience in Europe (Italy, Scotland, Germany, France, Spain) began his choreographic fortunate career founding Balletto del Sud in 1995 in his home town Lecce, a baroque beautiful city in south Italy, a ballet company which he leads and for which he has created 34 productions, turning it into the best Italian troupe in the classic academic style.

Ballets created by Fredy Franzutti for his company include the best titles of romantic tradition: “The Nutcracker”, “Swan Lake”, “The Sleeping Beauty”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “Sheherazade” “The Firebird” all with great success in European theatres.

He was hailed by the critics as “Italy’s young choreographic prodigy” (Michele Nocera), and “One of Italy’s most appreciated and talented choreographers” (Victoria Ottolenghi).

As well, Fredy has created ballets for the most important European theatres like Bolshoi Theatre of Moscow, Rome Opera House, Sofia Opera House, Monte Carlo Opera House, Bilbao Opera House, Theatre “V. Bellini” of Catania, for Pesaro Rossini’s Festival, and for different televised events.

Franzutti has also directed the film “If this is a Man” interpreted by Michele Placido, Emilio Solfrizzi.